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The Mapping of North America

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An UNRECORDED AND APPARENTLY UNIQUE EXAMPLE of a sea chart of the English Channel and North Sea engraved by Francis Lamb. The address given in the imprint by William Berry was occupied by him in the period 1672-76. This chart was likely published at the time of the Third Anglo-Dutch War 1672-74. Morden and Berry had already published a map of the Seventeen Provinces of the Low Countries at the outbreak of hostilities. England declared war at the end of March 1672 and in the ‘London Gazette’ for 2-6 May were already advertising the map. It is highly likely that this chart was issued at a similar time. There is no mention retrospectively of any aspects of the war which might support an argument that says it was issued to illustrate the forthcoming conflict.

“Two of the most active publishers and mapsellers in London during the end of the seventeenth century were Robert Morden (fl. 1669-d.1703) and William Berry (1639-1718). At the beginning of their careers, it appears they worked in partnership. The ‘Term Catalogues’ detail publications together between 1673 and 1677. Most early records, including those of the diarist Samuel Pepys, refer to their activity in the production of globes. The last known evidence of a partnership was their petition to the crown in September 1678 for a licence to produce a folio atlas of the world in an ‘alphabeticall manner’. This would become the sole production of Berry. Morden and Berry would both sell Richard Daniel’s map of c.1679. Morden began with a shop shortly after the Great Fire of 1666. His reputation is underrated, indeed Worms describes him as ‘a prolific and inventive map maker whose critical reputation despite a string of innovations, remains undeservedly low’.” (Burden).

The map is engraved by Francis Lamb (fl.1667-1701). It extends from Normandy and Southampton to Texel and York and is centred on the Straits of Dover. An extensive search has revealed that this appears to be the only known example. Further research also identifies that the plate was purchased soon after by John Seller and is found included three known atlases. These are the ‘Atlas Maritimus’ owned by the Earl of Essex and those at Yale (CBA Atlas Folio A); BL Maps 1066.(6). When Seller entered financial difficulties and went into a partnership otherwise referred to as the Combine in 1677 a third state was issued. Examples of the map in this state have been located in three further atlases; Library of Congress ‘Atlas Maritimus’ (Phillips 4150); BL untitled atlas (Maps C.27.d.17) M.Sell 4a no. 53; NMM Thornton ‘Atlas Maritimus’ Sanderson 449 no. 10. A reduction of this map was also published by Morden and Berry at a similar date using the same addresses. Provenance: Clive A. Burden Ltd; private English collection. Burden (2007) 431; Tyacke (1978) no. 11; Worms & Baynton-Williams (2011).
MORDEN, Robert and BERRY, William

A New Mapp of the Sea Coasts of England, France and Holland

London, c.1672
AN UNRECORDED AND APPARENTLY UNIQUE EXAMPLE. 435 x 550 mm., a tear runs between Flanders and France, there are two others above, two more smaller tears are along the lower margin, and one on the left side. Similarly, a small thumbnail sized area has been filled in lower left of the title where there has been some loss at the fold. All tears have been professionally restored and the whole has been re-margined, not backed, and some of the engraved neatline is lacking on the right, otherwise in good condition.
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