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MOLL, Herman

A New Map of the Kingdome of England and the Principality of Wales

Sold by Christopher Brown at the Globe in St. Paules Church yard neer the West end, and by Herman Moll in Vanlys Court in Black fryers London, London, 15 November 1688
395 x 320 mm., early outline colour, laid onto old paper nearer publication, trimmed close but otherwise in good condition.
Moll’s first and arguably rarest map of the England or the British Isles. Moll arrived in England from Holland by 1678 and rose to become one of the most successful cartographers of his era. His engraving style is unique and attractive. This map was advertised in the ‘London Gazette’ for November 1688. This example is complete with the key above which bears the imprint of Christopher Browne and Herman Moll. The title as can be seen is dated 15 November 1688. The date is interesting as Browne was apprenticed to Robert Walton in 1683 and was made free in July 1688. In that month he also took over the stock and business of Walton, it is presumed upon his death. Within four months he was in partnership with Moll in producing this fine rare map of England and Wales. An unusual feature is the alignment of the Isle of Man. ‘A Catalogue of all the Shires in England and Wales’ is printed outside the upper margin of the map and keyed to it. Provenance: private English collection since the mid-1990s. We recently sold another example which on closer examination was in a previously unrecorded state. This example is in the second state with the insertion of the Cherbourg peninsula. Shirley records just three known examples. Shirley Britain Moll 1 (state 2).
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