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Henry Price was the author of a rare map in two sheets of the county of Herefordshire engraved by D. Wright and published in 1817. At the same time he issued ‘An Alphabetical List of the Names of the Hundreds of Herefordshire’ which contains at the end a proposal for a map of Monmouthshire. UNTIL RECENTLY IT WAS ONLY KNOWN BY THIS REFERENCE. Then an example was uncovered in Cambridge University Library. It too was in two sheets but engraved by Joseph Cross and published in 1823. For the map Price was helped by a probable relation Charles G. Price, and it is to both of them that it is assigned. Henry Price is listed in Dictionary of Land Surveyors as being a Civil Engineer from 1800-25. As might be expected of a map engraved to the scale of one inch to the mile there is a proliferation of detail. Lower left is information which identifies the Hundreds, the accurate Longitude and Latitude of various towns are listed with a note on the size of the county being 546 square miles. The map is dedicated to His Grace Henry Charles, Duke of Beaufort, the Lord Lieutenant of the County. Provenance: manuscript ownership label pasted in the slipcase of gift to Thomas Jenkins Berrows from his uncle; C. Holloway in manuscript in upper corners of the linen on the verso. Eden (1975); not in Michael (1985); Rodger (1972) 835 although listed in the chapter of ‘Lost or Uncompleted Surveys’.
PRICE, Henry & PRICE, Charles G.

A New Map of the County of Monmouth Drawn from an Actual Survey founded on a Trigonometrical basis …

Hereford?, 1823
1145 x 905 mm., early outline colour, edged in silk, in very good condition. Complete with contemporary slipcase repaired.
Stock number: 5063


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