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‘SCOTLAND’S EARLIEST ROAD MAP’ (Fleet, Wilkes and Withers). The first state bore the imprint of both Robert Greene and William Berry. The map was first advertised in the Term Catalogue in 1679. This is the second state bearing that of Greene only. According to Moir it was issued sometime before 1689 when it was advertised by his eldest sister Elizabeth. This is the EARLIEST MAP OF SCOTLAND AS A WHOLE TO SHOW THE ROADS. It was engraved by Francis Lamb. Greene was a map seller, as opposed to a maker such as Berry, and could also supply a printing press to the relationship. The cartouche describes Greene’s shop as a place “Where you may have all sorts of Mapps.” This second state dates from before his death which was recorded 12 February 1688. As he was a widower the business was left to his son Nathan. Being underage the business was left in the care of his eldest sister Elizabeth. Provenance: from a William Berry atlas; private English collection since c.1975. Fleet, Wilkes and Withers (2011) p. 204; Moir (1973) vol. 1, p.173; Arber (1903-06) vol. I p. 359 & Vol. II p. 281; Tyacke (1978) p. 117.
GREENE, Robert

A New Map of Scotland with the Roads

By Robert Greene at the Rose and Crown in Budg-row, London, 1679-[c.85]
‘SCOTLAND’S EARLIEST ROAD MAP’. 470 x 550 mm., in early outline colour, printed on thick paper with fold along the left side to facilitate inclusion in the Berry atlas, in good condition.
Stock number: 8335
£ 2,500
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