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AN UNRECORDED STATE OF A MAP OF WHICH ONLY TWO EXAMPLES ARE KNOWN, BOTH IN INSTITUTIONS. John Jefferys produced two large scale maps of England and Wales. This, the first, focused on the rivers, and the second on roads. The priority of the two known examples of this map is not stated by Shirley, but one is dated 1744 (Royal Geographical Society). An advert appeared in the ‘Daily Advertiser’ on 18 August 1745 stating that it was ‘just published. As the ‘New Year’ at the time began in late March it would appear that it was first published in that year. Worms and Baynton-Williams refer to two likely John Jefferys candidates. However, this map with the date in the 1760s could rule out the schoolmaster at St. Margaret, Westminster, whose will at the National Archives is dated 1758. That is unless the other named, a writing-master at St. Margaret, Westminster, is a son as their professions are not dissimilar. Indeed the imprint lower right identifies this publisher as a ‘Writing Master and Geographer’, a match to the second suggestion whose will is dated 1778. The imprint lower right also offers an incomplete date of September 14 176[], with the last digit left out. As a conjecture, King George II dies on 25 October, 1760. The map is naively engraved and to the scale of 7 miles to the inch. It features all the rivers and towns and places especial emphasis on all the bridges. It is dedicated to the fourth Earl of Oxford (1726-90). The second known example resides in the Kings Topographical Collection at the British Library (K.Top.VI.2.2.TAB.END). A comparison with this example shows that the original plate is trimmed on all sides, the wide decorative borders are now slimmer. Junior is removed from his name in the dedication and in the altered address in the title. This indicates that it is the younger Jefferys behind all the states and that upon the death of his father, he dropped the ‘Junior’. There is also a change of address from ‘Great Almonry near Deans Yard Westminster’, to ‘Chapel Street near the Broad Way Westminster’. Provenance: private collection of Paul Bentley Refer Shirley (1988) Jeffreys 1; Worms & Baynton-Williams (2011).

A New Map Of all the Rivers Of England and Wales, traced from their Springs into the Sea; shewing the Counties thro which they run, and the Cities and Towns situated on them; with the Inland Navigation. Also an exact Chart of the Sea Coast, and all ye Harbours, Ports & Fortified places

John Jefferys in Chapel Street near the Broad Way Westminster, London, 1744[45]-176[?]
1240 x 1190 mm., backed on contemporary linen, early outline colour, overall in good condition.
Stock number: 10890


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