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The Mapping of North America

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This is the first of two copper plate maps of the region by Mount & Page most easily identified by the lack of ‘Corrected by Ion Gaudy’ below the title. Its original publication is not easily identified but the earliest work we have found it present in is the 1703 edition of of the ‘English Pilot Part III’ covering the Mediterranean Sea. This example was published by Richard Mount and Thomas Page in the 1711 edition of the ‘English Pilot Part III’ covering the same region. The chart covers the entire Aegean Sea extending south to take in the whole of Crete. Refer Sanderson (1971) 425 no. 146; Shirley (2004) M.M&P 3a no. 20; Sphyroeras et. al. (1985) refer fig. 127 (incorrectly attributing the map to Seller); refer Zacharakis (1992) 2162.
MOUNT, William & PAGE, Thomas

A New Chart of the Archipelago

R. Mount and Thomas Page in Postern-Row on Tower Hill, London, 1716-[47]
535 x 440 mm., in fine recent wash colour, in good condition.
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£ 495
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