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This survey of Essex by John Chapman and Peter André is held in the highest regard. It bears an extraordinary level of detail and accuracy, even when measured against modern equivalents. Every minor road, bridge, milestone and turnpike is displayed. Whilst along the coastline every creek, wharf, quay, ferry, duck-decoy and cliff is depicted. Apart from more built up areas virtually every building standing is displayed. The country estates, manor houses and farms are nearly all named along with their occupants. Entire sheets are given to the beautifully engraved title and a list of subscribers. Included are plans of Colchester and Harwich. That of Colchester is at the large scale of about 170 yards to the inch. Only a handful of county surveys in the eighteenth century were engraved to such a scale. This is an example of the later edition of 1785 printed, published and sold by W. Keymer in Colchester. Little is known of Keymer other than he also published in 1767 a survey of the town of Colchester. A further edition appeared in 1833. Provenance: private English collection. Rodger (1972) 125; Tooley Essex in ‘The Map Collector’ no. 36 p. 36 E3.
CHAPMAN, John & ANDRE, Peter

A Map of the County of Essex from an Actual Survey made in MDCCLXXII, MDCCLXXIII and MDCCLXXIV by John Chapman and Peter Andre

W. Keymer, London, 1 October 1777-[June 1785]
Engraved on 25 sheets, each 450 x 585 mm. to a scale of 2 inches to the mile. All in attractive early full wash colour. With a general index map of the county, with a lower centrefold split. From an unfolded side bound example still bearing the stitch-marks on many of the sheets. With some light foxing, the title sheet and one other with some minor repairs to the margin just into the border, otherwise a fine example.
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