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The Mapping of North America

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PRICE, Charles

A Correct Chart of the Coast of Portugal & Barbaria from C. Finisterra to C. Baydor. With the Canarie Isles

W & J Mount and T. Page at the Postern on Tower Hill, London, 1731-[49]
475 x 590 mm., in excellent condition.
A very rare sea chart of the western approaches to the Straights of Gibraltar published by Charles Price most likely for his abortive sea atlas of the world proposed for 1727 which never materialised. He was in debtor’s prison at Fleet by 1731. It covers the Atlantic coastlines of Portugal and northern Africa including the Canary Islands and Madeira. There are insets in the lower corners of Lisbon Harbour and Cape Finisterre, Galicia. The whole is decorated with a compass rose in the middle indicating its orientation with north to the right. A large title cartouche appears upper right with the dedication to Robert Godscall of Weston. This second state bears the imprint of William Mount and Thomas Page. An example of the first state dated 1731 survives in the National Maritime Museum. NMM G241:2/12; Shirley, R.W. (BL Atlases) M.M&P-1e, #17.
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