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The Mapping of North America

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The first state of this sea chart of the Algarve in south Portugal and a portion of southern Spain. It was published by Richard Mount whose imprint appears alone in the title. A later state would bear the imprint of William Mount and Thomas Page. It was published in the ‘English Pilot First Part, Southern Navigation’. Two compass roses adorning the map illustrate the maps orientation slightly with north to the left of the top. The chart extends from Cape St. Vincent in Portugal to the Straights of Gibraltar. The main cities of Faro and Cadiz are both clearly identified as are the numerous salt pans in the region. Not in Conde (2003); Sanderson (1971) NMM 423 no. 81; Shirley (2004) M.M&P 1a no. 26.
MOUNT, Richard & PAGE, Thomas

A Chart of the Sea Coasts of Algarve and Andalusia Between Cape St. Vincent and Strait of Gibralter and C. Spartel

Richard Mount and Thomas Page in Postern-Row on Tower Hill, London, 1701-[09]
440 x 525 mm., in fine recent wash colour, small area of loss to right margin, otherwise in good condition.
Stock number: 10866
£ 450
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